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The greener bar

Around the world as sustainably as possible


We made a visitor's pavilion for Heineken for events sponsored by the brewer, inspired by our 'Roof that goes up in smoke' from 2010. We did this as sustainably as possible together with builder Fiction Factory.  The entire pavilion -  measuring 11x12 m and 4.35 m high - fits in one second-hand sea container, transported with a truck that runs on natural gas. The container serves as storage when the bar is in use. It will be offered again on the second-hand container market after the life of the bar. The pavilion was built in Amsterdam, the wood for it was supplied by Stadshout, which processes trees that are felled in Amsterdam into construction wood. The beams were cut as little as possible to retain their value. The counterweight of the pavilion consists of 8 big bags of recycled Heineken banners, which are always filled on-site with local soil and plants. Heineken strives to repurpose the soil and plants in local neighborhood gardens. The bar was made from recycled Heineken crates and WoBos, and the upholstery on the picnic benches is made from recycled Heineken company clothing. The roof fabric will be taken back and reused by the manufacturer.


The pavilion was scheduled to travel to events throughout Europe -including all the Formula E races for electric cars - from 2020 onwards. Unfortunately, it has not been used much yet because of Covid.





built by:            





Fiction Factory

Simona Bruno​

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