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Balancing on a concrete pillar, lifted above ground level in Veenhuizen, floats a small structure. In line with the modest history of the place, where labor and life took place with limited resources, this cozy dwelling has been created. No flashy new components, but built with borrowed materials found in the surroundings of Veenhuizen. STAPEL OP showcases the beautiful possibilities that the combination of craftsmanship and sustainable handling of materials can offer.


Being largely unfamiliar with the area, we roamed through Veenhuizen in search of materials for a potential structure. Soon enough, we could conclude that Veenhuizen is fertile ground for more than just its soil. Within an hour, we had gathered enough construction materials, and this first excursion resulted in STAPEL OP, a structure made with locally harvested materials.


We borrowed the wood from carpenter Peter Kroes, and the roof tiles came from the yard of the Riedstra farm. To ensure that all building materials can be returned undamaged to their original owners, we securely fastened them with tie-down straps. This way, the borrowed materials retain their value and can be returned in pristine condition. The fact that the colored tie-down straps serve both a structural and decorative purpose emphasizes the versatile and innovative character of the structure.


Stay in STAPEL OP and enjoy a remarkable piece of craftsmanship and a view of the forest area and meadows of Veenhuizen.



commissioned by:              Ketter & CO  + hotel Bitterzoet

photography:                      Overtreders W

built:                               Overtreders W

thanks to:                        Peter Kroes, Drents Eiken gebint

                                               familie Riedstra

                                               Bjorn van den Broek & Sjoerd Ebberink

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