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Meeting space at Leidsche Rijn

At the Berlijnplein in Utrecht, we made a temporary meeting space for RAUM. It's a nice place, where locals meet in an informal setting. You can go there for a cup of coffee and some comfort food, have a chat with your neighbours, or check out one of the exhibitions, lectures, or workshops that are regularly being held there. A separate room is for rent for companies and local residents.


The restaurant will stay at the square for at least 3 years, starting in the autumn of 2018. After this period, it might have to move to a new location. An important design demand for the pavilion was therefore its movability. After three years, the pavilion can be disassembled and rebuilt elsewhere. All materials used can be separated from each other, no irreversible connections were made. When the pavilion reaches the end of its lifespan, the materials can thus be reused, recycled, or composted.


The pavilion consists of 3 wooden containers accommodating all necessary functions such as the kitchen, toilets, and storage space. The containers and the insulated wooden floor panels rest on wooden beams on a foundation of concrete slabs. On top of the floor panels, wooden trusses stabilized by means of characteristic wooden diagonals support the roof. Both the roof and the facades consist of polycarbonate attached to the wooden construction. Leftover pieces of perspex inside these hollow core plastic sheets colour the facade.





built by:



Berlijnplein, Utrecht 


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