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power to the wild

exhibition about the qualities of weeds

A paper cloud suspended from the ceiling, every paper sheet labeled with one word each. Visitors of the exhibition had to pick a certain characteristic - such as careful, colourful, or tasteful – they'd like to spread in the city of Rotterdam. 


By pulling one of the labels, the paper sheet, containing information about a species of weed with the chosen characteristic, falls down. On each information sheet, there's also a small bag filled with seeds of the weed. Visitors then had to think of the most favourable way to spread the seeds through the city. Tinker a small seed container to be attached to a bicycle handlebar, with a small hole in the top through which seeds can be blown away during your cycling trip. Or make a fluffy brooch to which you can cling seeds with small hooks that will fall off at a random moment.


The entire exhibition was biodegradable: we made the furniture of larch wood and ecoboard panels of harvest leftovers. The biodegradable papers were printed with ink based on linseed oil. 






curated by:

graphic design:

built by:


Het Nieuwe Instituut 


Het Nieuwe Instituut 

Overtreders W & De Onkruidenier 

De Onkruidenier 

Rudy Guedj 

Ham, Post & van Huystee 

Johannes Schwartz, Aad Hoogendoorn

& Christopher Dominic

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