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Temporary covid-proof design for the NDSM-wharf

During the long and locked-down summer of 2020 Amsterdam was craving for some fresh air. Luckily some Amsterdammers have a balcony, a small terrace or even a garden. But what are people without their own 'outdoors' to do during this lockdown?


Because all festivals and events were cancelled at the NDSM wharf, there was suddenly a lot of space left for the Summer Wharf: a place where Amsterdammers could get a breath of fresh air and where all safety regulations were considered. You could garden, exercise or meditate there. We designed a temporary layout with a grid that showed in a cheerful way where you could stop, what the walking direction was and which activities you could develop where. We filled the grid with materials that were temporarily made available, such as pallet crates, tree trunks and 2 scaffolding constructions as an entrance and exit.





built by: 


NDSM foundation


NDSM wharf, Amsterdam 

Schouten Markeringen 

Benjamin Kotek

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