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maak stad almere

The planned, the lived, and the dreamed city


In 2022, exactly 50 years ago the Rijksdienst voor de IJsselmeerpolders started planning a new city in Southern Flevoland. The town would grow into Almere. This anniversary prompted the Polderblik Foundation to look back and forward with Almeerders in the Maak Stad Almere exhibition.


How is Almere doing? What do we think of Almere as a city to live in? What are the qualities of Almere? Which values are under pressure as a result of growth? What should get more attention? The exhibition shows the development of Almere on the basis of the planned, the lived, and the dreamed city.


We made the exhibition of old sheet piling profiles, a very common material, but very characteristic of Almere industrial estate architecture. Petra Warrink made the graphic design for the exhibition, inspired by the hatching of the original planning maps from the 1970s.


Stichting Polderblik


De Kunstlinie, Almere

Linda Vlassenrood

Petra Warrink

Anything is Possible

Jorn van Eck

Jord den Hollander

Soraya Pol

Almere 2.0 

BPD Cultuurfonds 



Provincie Flevoland

Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie

Van Eesteren-Fluck & Van Lohuizen Stichting

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Flevoland

Erfgoedhuis Almere

Metafoor Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling 

Woningbouwatelier Almere






graphic design:

built by: 


films in exhibition:


with the generous support of:

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