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Every summer, Karavaan travels through the top of North Holland. To enlarge the recognisability of the festival we designed a festival heart consisting of 400 wooden stools and a transport case. The stools, produced by clients from a mental health institution that is one of the locations of the festival, are spread throughout the entire festival grounds. The festival heart is made by roping together stools with straps, turning them into larger furniture such as a poster tower, grandstands and tables. 


All stools fit in the transport case that is lifted on a truck and driven to the next festival location. Once it’s on location the case serves as a cashier booth.


The stools can be bought in larger quantities from Overtreders W by sending us an e-mail to Over the years, a serious amount has spread over the globe, going as far as Cincinnati. 


built by: 

Kunst en Cultuur Noordholland

Overtreders W

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