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docking station

Mobile residency for photographers

Docking Station is a platform for documentary photography. We designed a mobile artist-in-residence pavilion for them where photographers can reside for one month each. Amsterdam Westerpark is the home base for this Space for Stories, but every now and then the pavilion travels to festivals throughout the Netherlands. 


The tiny house results from a material experiment. We wanted to test out if it would be possible to realise the entire design brief with just one material: polycarbonate channel plates. This material is extremely lightweight, insulates agains heath and cold, and can be recycled very well. The load bearing construction is made of steel. The shell of the pavilion and all the furniture including the hinges are made of polycarbonate. Different parts are connected with pop rivets where necessary. In this way, it will be very easy to disassemble the pavilion and recycle the different components in the future. 


The shell of the pavilion consists of a white inside and a yellow outside. The outer shell can be thrusted out to form a shelter under which small public presentations can be held. 





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Docking Station 



Anything is Possible

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