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CIRCL-E 2019

4th pavilion from a series of 4 temporary meeting spaces for Dutch Design Week

From 2016 onwards, we worked for 3 consecutive years as art directors of the Klokgebouw during Dutch Design Week, introducing No Waste as a theme and guidance. We built the entire 6000m2 exhibition under our supervision with recycled materials and leftovers from industrial processes, in order to avoid producing extra waste. Each year we designed a temporary pavilion for main sponsor ABN/AMRO as a series in which we examined the possibilities of circular building with one or two materials at a time.


In 2019 we made a new version of the Circl-e pavilion from 2018, again from borrowed PVC tubes and old ceiling tiles. Some circumstances were a little bit different than in 2018: the pavilion was in a different room with a lower ceiling height, the diameter was a bit smaller, and the ceiling tiles we could lay our hands on had a somewhat different shape. The result was a entirely new onion-shaped - instead of igloo-shaped - pavilion. 






built by: 


Dutch Design Foundation 


Klokgebouw, Eindhoven 

Frits Ham 

Reinder Bakker

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