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ciRCL-e 2018

3rd pavilion from a series of 4 temporary meeting spaces for Dutch Design Week

From 2016 onwards, we worked for 3 consecutive years as art directors of the Klokgebouw during Dutch Design Week, introducing No Waste as a theme and guidance. We built the entire 6000m2 exhibition under our supervision with recycled materials and leftovers from industrial processes, in order to avoid producing extra waste. Each year we designed a temporary pavilion for main sponsor ABN/AMRO as a series in which we examined the possibilities of circular building with one or two materials at a time.


We made the dome-shaped Circl-E pavilion of uncut PVC-tubes borrowed from Wavin and secondhand ceiling tiles from an old office building. The exhibition furniture was stacked of wood, Freement concrete blocks, and felt of recycled jeans. On the floor strips of Citumen, a sustainable roof covering made of recycled bitumen led visitors through the exhibition.


All new materials were borrowed and left undamaged. They could be returned to the original owners: they did not need to be cut, screwed, or glued in the construction of the pavilion. The secondhand materials used were recycled afterward. 






built by: 


Dutch Design Foundation 


Klokgebouw, Eindhoven 

Frits Ham 

Jeroen van der Wielen & Mees van den Ekart 

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