Meeting place with a picknicktable, benches and look-out posts in Blekkerhoek, Raalte.

Raalte, a village in the east of Holland, could be called the Dutch capital of box shrubs. Almost everyone has a few box shrubs in their front yard. We found this a fascinating discovery. In the small public garden we designed, the box shrubs have been combined with a mix of perennials to make sure the overall appearance of the garden changes throughout the year. The boxes will grow together to form ever bigger cloud shapes, which will embrace the furniture in the future.

The garden was built in a sustainable way: the wood was grown in local forrests, the street lights are second hand, the gravel is made of recycled conrete and the perennials between the box shrubs are attractive to bees, butterflies and other insects.


client: Raalte Township
locatie: corner of Monumentstraat and Blekstraat, Raalte
year of realisation: september 2013
planting design: Ruurd van Donkelaar
realisation: De Tuinen van Geerdink & Breg Hanssen