Thuys at the Dolhuys

Thuys is the restaurant of Het Dolhuys, a museum focusing on the subject of psychiatry.

Among the eye-catchers is a modular wall system consisting of bookcases, picture frames, acoustic panels and colour patches. The objects were designed with consideration for the specific qualities of people with psychiatric problems. These people are often very good at repetitive work that others would think of as boring. Therefore, the individual elements of the wall system are easy to produce, and were made by clients of two psychiatric institutions. The amount of different elements combined together make a rich and colourful whole.

Some objects from the old interior returned in a new shape: the oak of an old bench was used to make a long table, the big lampshades were flocked in grey velvet and are in use again.


client: museum het Dolhuys
location: Haarlem
year of realisation: 2012
graphic design: Raw Color
realisation: GGZ Noord Holland Noord, SNWA Amsterdam,Breg Hanssen, Ynze de Boer, Overtreders W
furniture: Canoof, De Machinekamer
photography: Jorn van Eck